The Figueroa Project is…

    •    An organization dedicated to artistic excellence and to “Redefining the musical experience for our times.”
    •    A fully-formed non-profit corporation.
    •    A group of select talented, successful and passionate individuals who comprise the leadership.
    •    Committed to collaborative projects centered on music but including an array of arts—dance, film, vocal, spoken word and more.
    •    Integrating traditional music with new music and chamber music with the large orchestra repertoire
    •    Committed to being a fiscally responsible organization by fully funding performances prior to presentation

The long-held vision of the very talented and creative Guillermo Figueroa led to the forming of The Figueroa Project. The group plans to present a minimum of eight concerts in the 2011-2012 Season, with a number of additional performances to be scheduled. Unlike a traditional symphony, The Figueroa Project will be versatile and flexible, with the ability to bring to a performance the best musicians available, without weighty contractual traditions that limit the ability to step out of the box. The Figueroa Project will present a variety of music in creative and unexpected ways by partnering with other artistic organizations in the state.  From small chamber groups to full orchestra, musicians will be selected who possess great skill, passion and the ability to bring new energy to their performances. Planned events will range from intimate chamber ensembles to full symphonic concerts to outdoor performance that breaks the mold by integrating classical music with popular genres.

The Figueroa Project will present a minimum of four concerts at the historic KiMo Theatre, the organization’s new “official home, in a unique partnership with the City of Albuquerque.” This collaborative effort with the KiMo will bring new audiences into the theater and the downtown area, and the group will work with a number of other arts organizations in planning multi-venue events, such as receptions in art galleries prior to performances.

The Figueroa Project is a new, fresh and dynamic approach to classical music, tailored to our times, in order to bring new energy, excitement and audiences to energize the musical life of Albuquerque and New Mexico.